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I have been involved with oriental
arts for thirty five years, starting
with kung fu (Wing Chun), which
I taught for a number of years.
I came across Tai chi and it intrigued me, so when the opportunity arose, I began my formal studies with a local experienced practitioner during this time I also studied vipassana meditation and more contemporary methods of meditation.
later I began to study chi kung methods under various teachers and I am a graduate of the British school of shiatsu

Then in 1994 my journey took me to the door of Master Ding and was amazed by his skill and openness. I knew then what a genuine Tai chi Master was. I have been with him ever since. The Tai chi method he taught became clear to me. Master Ding, is a Yang lineage holder, 1st disciple of the late Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak, There are few Masters who can transmit the method like Master Ding and I feel privileged and fortunate to have trained under his guidance.

I bring to my classes a wealth of understanding in oriental healing and exercise methods and believe in a more natural relaxed method to practice.
In my classes on the last Sunday of every month you will be invited to explore and experience the profound duality of stillness and movement, incorporating balance, relaxation, power and strength that have attracted people to Tai chi in there million across the world.

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