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Since becoming a mum 7 years ago to my beautiful daughter Ava, it has been my aim to take time out to care for myself and look after my mind and body through practicing yoga. I found Chakra and instantly fell in love with the feeling I got every time I walked through the door. I still get that same feeling today, except now I am part of the team here being able to teach my passion to children.

My daughter attends my classes every week and she has grown from a very shy and timid little girl who was extremely nervous and had never attended a class before, to absolutely thriving in confidence.

Yoga has many fantastic benefits for children. Improves balance and co-ordination, improves concentration, increases flexibility which helps strengthen the muscles, builds confidence and self esteem, relieves stress and anxiety, helps children build relationships,  calms the mind through breathing techniques and increases determination and perseverance.

Our Mantra is simple, ‘I can do it”.  Teaching the children a growth mindset. I really encourage the children to believe in themselves and believe that with practice and determination they can improve at anything they set their minds to.

My yoga classes are more than just about practicing yoga, they are about providing the children with coping mechanisms for challenging times they may face, through breathing techniques, concentration activities and mindfulness tasks which help to slow down the mind and simply focus on one task at a time.

I provide a welcoming environment where the children are under no pressure at all. It is relaxed and calm with an element of fun through the use of props and games also. There is no competition or measure, it is more a journey for the children of seeing themselves grow and improve through yoga in their own time and at their own pace.

I have completed the Yoga for Schools training in 2018 and have been teaching children’s yoga for 18 months in the community, as well as doing classes with children in schools as part of wellbeing weeks and also after school clubs.  I am currently also completing a course of training with Kumarah Yoga, which is The Ultimate Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Leadership Course to expand my knowledge.

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