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Yoga has always been my go to in life & for many years loved the practice of Iyengar yoga.It fulfilled me on many levels but always felt like there was something missing.

I then discovered KUNDALINI YOGA on a retreat ,I was a little sceptical at  first & also unwilling to have my eyes closed & do the mantras as that was out of my comfort zone!!

But in just over the 5day retreat I had such big shifts within I realized KUNDALINI YOGA was that missing key to unlock the parts of myself that I’d subconsciously buried.

I trained in Nepal in 2019 with international teacher Maya Fiennes,who is more forward thinking in her approach & on return I decided to take more training in the more traditional teachings with Hari Har Ji with the KUNDALINI RESEARCH INSTITUTE.

I know personally how powerful & transformative these ancient teachings are and I’m grateful to pass on the knowledge of these simple tools for everyday life that can change our energies,always honoring the individual & the uniqueness we all bring to the mat.

I’m always curious of new modalities & teachings that help elevate my growth & have qualifications in Kundadance, Chakra dancing & sound healing as well as having been a massage therapist & reiki master for many many years.

Ironically Mantras are now my favorite healing tool & having my eyes open during practice seems alien!!

As Carl Jung said…”Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart. WHO LOOKS OUTSIDE DREAMS; WHO LOOKS INSIDE AWAKES. 🙏

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