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I discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)/Tapping when a friend recommended I try it as she thought it may support me through a low period I was experiencing.

I began by completing a week-long ‘Facebook live challenge’ that offered a free tapping session each day based on limiting beliefs that stopped us from truly loving ourselves. We tapped on guilt, blame and shame, self-worth, self-love, etc.

Prior to that week I felt real self-loathing, and a complete burden to others. By the end of the week I truly loved myself, and those limiting beliefs I initially held had lessened or completely disappeared; creating new, self-affirming and true beliefs in their way.

I continued to tap regularly and completed my EFT practitioner training in the summer of 2022.

I love that I am able to bring my Tapping Circles to Chakra’s beautiful space once a month. I’ve found that the energy and safety we create in those circles is magical and supports us releasing and letting go of the limiting beliefs we can hold living in the society of today, as well as empowering us to see our capabilities, love and light.

I am excited to develop my offerings in future so I can incorporate new practices into our monthly circles, but until then I look forward to welcoming you and supporting you owning your power and shining your light.

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