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Silvia Dalla

I started doing yoga in 1999 at a lunchtime class at work and I immediately thought it was for me!! Although I was not flexible and sporty at all, I found that the precise instructions and use of props that are typical of the Iyengar method suited me well.


Since then I have completed my two and a half years teacher training at the Manchester and District Iyengar Yoga Institute and I continue to study with a number of teachers and in my own practice.


Iyengar Yoga is classical yoga taught with focus on alignment: props such as blocks, bricks and bolsters are used to help beginners (and more advanced students!) feel the correct actions in the yoga poses and gain their full benefits. All the necessary equipment is provided in the classes at Chakra.


Yoga increases strength and flexibility as well as having a calming and relaxing effect. The classes are suitable for beginners and people of all ages.

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