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Jenny Ward: Yogi, dog mamma, free spirit <3

2020 is my 10 year anniversary with yoga and what a decade it’s been!

I found yoga when I bought my forever home and just happened to have seen a sign in the window of the community centre.  My first (and continued teacher) was Kirsty Gallagher and from that initial class, I have never looked back.

I remember the feeling of leaving that first class and being like ‘wow, why haven’t I been doing this the whole time?!’ and just like that, my life changed.  I knew I belonged on a yoga mat and that my purpose was to practice and ultimately teach this ancient and yet so relevant way of life.

Having been a teacher (in the traditional classroom sense ) for 13 years, I guess I always knew teaching was my calling and in 2013 I started teaching yoga to the students at the college where I worked.  I then enrolled on my first 200 hour teacher training course and qualified with the highest distinction.  I began teaching public classes in a school hall while I was training and before I knew it I was teaching all over the place!  I found myself at a crossroads after the loss of one of my parents 3 years ago.  At that point, I was still teaching A levels in the classroom as well as Yoga most evenings and weekends.  Something had to go and it was my job at the college.  And Jenny Ward Yoga full time was born!

My practice of Yoga has seen me through the darkest times in my life and also the happiest.

Yoga is far from just being an exercise class.  To me, Yoga is union, it is connection.  With yourself, and with something greater.  Yoga unites our bodies with our minds & hearts.  I remember my teacher saying to me once, ‘whatever the question, yoga is the answer’ and so far it’s proved to be true!  I’ve laughed on my mat, cried on my mat, fallen over on my mat and got strong on my mat (and not just physically!)  Yoga literally changed my life.  And I feel honoured & humbled every day that I get to share this beautiful practice with others.  What a privilege.

I teach a range of Yoga classes, predominantly Flow (where we unite sequences of poses together through breath) and Yin (which is just my favourite thing in the entire world!)  I am happiest either when sharing yoga in a class or workshop or being out in nature (often making yoga shapes!)

I am trained in Vinyassa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Yoga Nidra as well as Reiki.  I love to offer classes which are suitable & accessible for everybody as well as workshops and retreats.  Off the mat I’m a dog mamma who loves to be outdoors (preferably in the mountains somewhere!)

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