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Yoga has been a loyal companion from which I have benefitted for over twenty five years. For fifteen of those years I solely practiced Iyengar yoga, with its focus on detailed correctness, technique and postural alignment. All yoga has a transformational core, however it wasn’t until my first experience of kundalini that my perception of yoga had a complete shift. It resonated with me on many levels almost immediately and over the years it has helped to cultivate an inner awareness of Being and a deeper sense of self. Basically, I started to get to know myself underneath all the mental noise.

For me, it is a spiritual practice and also a ‘felt’ one which sometimes can only be understood by the experience of it.

Travelling to Nepal in 2019 to take a 200hr teacher training in order to explore the depths of this ancient practice a little more has now given me the opportunity to share the benefits of kundalini yoga with others so that they too can take from it what they need.

In 2023 I started to teach a new class which I have called KundaFlow which weaves the movement, mantra, meditation and breathwork of a traditional kundalini yoga practice with the flow style of vinyasa.
By sequencing flow with moments of stillness it invigorates & revitalises quickly, releasing tension and stress whilst the slower tempo sections help to cultivate mental strength & awareness. It is an energetic journey through the chakras, a balance of heat and heart which leaves a warm glow.
Sat Nam

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