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Baby yoga and massage… As a mum of twins I understand the challenges and joys are being a new parent. I trained in Baby Yoga in 2016 and more recently completed a Post Natal Depression Awareness Course

I also understand the importance of finding somewhere to spend relaxing and sociable time with your baby without judgement,

The environment at Chakra creates an instantly calming feel to your day, babies will cry and accidents will happen but as a group of mums you are all in this together. My classes are very friendly and we start each session with conversation so you can get to know one another. We end each session with a relaxation session with your baby.

You don’t have to have practiced Yoga to enjoy Baby Yoga. It is about encouraging gentle stretches and exercises for baby, there are also some really beneficial stretches for mums, focusing on your post partum body that requires the care and attention during those first months.


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