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I have a passion for well being and strive to facilitate others to pursue this same goal.Having achieved a degree in Human Movement I then completed an MSc in Occupational Health and Fitness, both of which ‘healthy mind healthy body’ have been at the forefront of my research and studies, ranging from physical concerns to the emotional and social reasons why people exercise.I qualified in Pilates at The Pilates Institute in London with Michael King in 2003 and have continued to update there throughout my Pilates career.

I believe to evolve with integrity and competence as a valid Pilates instructor, it is essential to incorporate wider knowledge and experience, from which I have accumulated throughout my 32 years in the fitness industry.

My experience has been sought working far afield: California, Australia, Pensylvania, France and Malaysia, to closer at hand in the local area.¬†I worked at Virgin gym for a 7 year period teaching Pilates and at various other gyms as well as private venues ,working with 1-1 clients on individual programs and in class settings.¬†Pilates is an intensive mix of strength and precision benefiting ‘fit’ sports addicts to those wanting to move their bodies through exercise as complete beginners.It proves to be a valuable discipline to care for and manage various physical problems ranging from back,neck,shoulder related issues -to functional movement debilitating conditions such as M.S., and due to its smooth controlled movements has great relaxation potential.
Pilates lessons are calm and focused and suitable for all ages and all bodies.

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