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I am a Chartered Physiotherapist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, and an APPI Certified Matwork Pilates Instructor. I run small group Physio-led Pilates classes, tailored to the individual needs of the participants. Everyone who joins my classes first has a full one to one Physiotherapy Assessment to assess their level, requirements, goals and any health problems. Classes are suitable for all adult ages and can be adapted to all levels of fitness.


I graduated in Physiotherapy in 1994 and in 2005 completed  a Masters degree from Manchester University in Manual Therapy (Assessment and treatment of Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions). Over the years I have treated patients with a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions in Primary and Secondary Care and via self-referral. I have worked in a spinal orthopaedic clinic, hospital departments, a pain clinic, GP surgeries, health centres, patients’ homes and in private practice.


Throughout my career I have taken a “whole person” approach to health and wellbeing. From my experience as a Physiotherapist, I have seen the application of Pilates as a tool for health and rehabilitation, and the value of the support, motivation and enjoyment of exercising together.


I use a modified form of Pilates developed by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI). It is a movement re-education method where classical Pilates exercises are further broken down and modified as necessary for the client group. Clinical reasoning underpins the exercise selection.  The aim is to achieve mental awareness of successful, positive movement, free of pain and relevant to the load of the task. To this I bring many years of experience as a hands-on Physiotherapist.


Most of my clients have made Pilates a long-term feature of their lives, and I love the friendly supportive groups that I work with. It is wonderful to see people maintain and improve their health, recover from injuries or surgery and return to activities that are important to them.



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