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My wellbeing journey really began from a very young age but I’ll start with my Dance Teaching degree which was quickly followed by a Masters in Somatic Movement Education: Connections to the Living Body. This truly opened my eyes to the healing power we all have inside each one of us and where I was able to bring healing and restoration to things I had suffered with for years and I am so thankful that this was just the start of embracing this journey and helping others to discover this for themselves too.
Since then I have continued to further my education, experience and understanding of this kind of practice and have also qualified in a whole host of different holistic practices, the first being Shake Your Soul in the USA, which is a fun dance movement practice for your whole body, mind and soul where you sweat, have fun and leave feeling calm, energised and more connected to your whole self. I’ve also done my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa Yoga, 100hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training & Transformation at the start of 2020 in beautiful Bali – which was one of the most transformational experiences of my life, my Sister Circle training with Global Sisterhood, and right now I am finishing my next level of becoming a fully qualified EFT Practitioner. In addition – because I’m expecting child number three in 2021, it felt only right to do my Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Doula Training too. I can’t wait to help empower women on this beautiful journey and hopefully have the birth experience I have always envisioned. 
I love guiding people in group classes, 1:1 and hosting women’s retreats and Sister Circles. I can’t wait to meet some of you at Chakra in a more slow paced restorative class (I’ll pick up the pace again after this next baby arrives) and do keep your eyes peeled if you fancy trying out a Sister Circle here at Chakra too…when women come together there is no stopping the love and support that fills the space, it’s a beautiful experience that I feel super blessed to guide <3 

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