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I first encountered Tai chi over 35 years ago,  at a  local town festival where I was attracted to a group demonstrating the form. Drawn to the practice I sought out a public class where I began to develop my own practice.

In 2006 I began training with OCNW and completed the course in 2007 and qualified as a Certified Moving into the Light Facilitator in Tai Chi Short Form and Chi Kung.  I continued to study in order to deepen my knowledge and experiences through the years, qualifying in a range of complementary therapies. In June 2014 I completed my three year teacher training and energy facilitator course Certified Moving into the Light Tai Chi Long Form, Chi Kung and Energy Practitioner Training.

I have a true love of being outdoors and believe in the benefits of nature,  as such the Tai Chi I practice is based on the elements. It is soft and flowing, the gentle movement brings with it a subtle strength. Tai Chi works at many levels. It provides gentle physical exercise, improving coordination, balance and physical strength.

The practice of Tai chi is calming on the mind and the emotions eases stiff joints and lowers blood pressure. I would love for you to come and join me at Chakra Studios sometime soon.

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