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Fran Purdy ...EFT facilitator

I discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)/Tapping when a friend recommended I try it as she thought it may support me through a low period I was experiencing.

I began by completing a week-long ‘Facebook live challenge’ that offered a free tapping session each day based on limiting beliefs that stopped us from truly loving ourselves. We tapped on guilt, blame and shame, self-worth, self-love, etc.

Prior to that week I felt real self-loathing, and a complete burden to others. By the end of the week I truly loved myself, and those limiting beliefs I initially held had lessened or completely disappeared; creating new, self-affirming and true beliefs in their way.

I continued to tap regularly and completed my EFT practitioner training in the summer of 2022.

I love that I am able to bring my Tapping Circles to Chakra’s beautiful space once a month. I’ve found that the energy and safety we create in those circles is magical and supports us releasing and letting go of the limiting beliefs we can hold living in the society of today, as well as empowering us to see our capabilities, love and light.

I am excited to develop my offerings in future so I can incorporate new practices into our monthly circles, but until then I look forward to welcoming you and supporting you owning your power and shining your light.

Clarrisha Elise

Yoga has always been my go to in life & for many years loved the practice of Iyengar yoga.It fulfilled me on many levels but always felt like there was something missing.

I then discovered KUNDALINI YOGA on a retreat ,I was a little sceptical at  first & also unwilling to have my eyes closed & do the mantras as that was out of my comfort zone!!

But in just over the 5day retreat I had such big shifts within I realized KUNDALINI YOGA was that missing key to unlock the parts of myself that I’d subconsciously buried.

I trained in Nepal in 2019 with international teacher Maya Fiennes,who is more forward thinking in her approach & on return I decided to take more training in the more traditional teachings with Hari Har Ji with the KUNDALINI RESEARCH INSTITUTE.

I know personally how powerful & transformative these ancient teachings are and I’m grateful to pass on the knowledge of these simple tools for everyday life that can change our energies,always honoring the individual & the uniqueness we all bring to the mat.

I’m always curious of new modalities & teachings that help elevate my growth & have qualifications in Kundadance, Chakra dancing & sound healing as well as having been a massage therapist & reiki master for many many years.

Ironically Mantras are now my favorite healing tool & having my eyes open during practice seems alien!!

As Carl Jung said…”Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart. WHO LOOKS OUTSIDE DREAMS; WHO LOOKS INSIDE AWAKES. 🙏

Julie Mccabe

Yoga has been a loyal companion from which I have benefitted for over twenty five years. For fifteen of those years I solely practiced Iyengar yoga, with its focus on detailed correctness, technique and postural alignment. All yoga has a transformational core, however it wasn’t until my first experience of kundalini that my perception of yoga had a complete shift. It resonated with me on many levels almost immediately and over the years it has helped to cultivate an inner awareness of Being and a deeper sense of self. Basically, I started to get to know myself underneath all the mental noise.

For me, it is a spiritual practice and also a ‘felt’ one which sometimes can only be understood by the experience of it.

Travelling to Nepal in 2019 to take a 200hr teacher training in order to explore the depths of this ancient practice a little more has now given me the opportunity to share the benefits of kundalini yoga with others so that they too can take from it what they need.

In 2023 I started to teach a new class which I have called KundaFlow which weaves the movement, mantra, meditation and breathwork of a traditional kundalini yoga practice with the flow style of vinyasa.
By sequencing flow with moments of stillness it invigorates & revitalises quickly, releasing tension and stress whilst the slower tempo sections help to cultivate mental strength & awareness. It is an energetic journey through the chakras, a balance of heat and heart which leaves a warm glow.
Sat Nam

Iyengar Yoga

Silvia Dalla I started doing yoga in 1999 at a lunchtime class at work and I immediately thought it was for me!! Although I was not flexible and sporty at all, I found that the precise instructions and use of props that are typical of the Iyengar method suited me well.   Since then I have completed my two and a half years teacher training at the Manchester and District Iyengar Yoga Institute and I continue to study with a number of teachers and in my own practice.   Iyengar Yoga is classical yoga taught with focus on alignment: props such as blocks, bricks and bolsters are used to help beginners (and more advanced students!) feel the correct actions in the yoga poses and gain their full benefits. All the necessary equipment is provided in the classes at Chakra.   Yoga increases strength and flexibility as well as having a calming and relaxing effect. The classes are suitable for beginners and people of all ages.

Sally Fazeli

My wellbeing journey really began from a very young age but I’ll start with my Dance Teaching degree which was quickly followed by a Masters in Somatic Movement Education: Connections to the Living Body. This truly opened my eyes to the healing power we all have inside each one of us and where I was able to bring healing and restoration to things I had suffered with for years and I am so thankful that this was just the start of embracing this journey and helping others to discover this for themselves too.
Since then I have continued to further my education, experience and understanding of this kind of practice and have also qualified in a whole host of different holistic practices, the first being Shake Your Soul in the USA, which is a fun dance movement practice for your whole body, mind and soul where you sweat, have fun and leave feeling calm, energised and more connected to your whole self. I’ve also done my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa Yoga, 100hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training & Transformation at the start of 2020 in beautiful Bali - which was one of the most transformational experiences of my life, my Sister Circle training with Global Sisterhood, and right now I am finishing my next level of becoming a fully qualified EFT Practitioner. In addition - because I’m expecting child number three in 2021, it felt only right to do my Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Doula Training too. I can’t wait to help empower women on this beautiful journey and hopefully have the birth experience I have always envisioned. 
I love guiding people in group classes, 1:1 and hosting women’s retreats and Sister Circles. I can’t wait to meet some of you at Chakra in a more slow paced restorative class (I’ll pick up the pace again after this next baby arrives) and do keep your eyes peeled if you fancy trying out a Sister Circle here at Chakra too…when women come together there is no stopping the love and support that fills the space, it’s a beautiful experience that I feel super blessed to guide <3 


Why Pilates? Because I love it! It brings mind and body together in controlled, precise and individualised exercises to meet the needs of everyone who attends.  How did I get here? I first started working in the fitness Industry over 30 years ago. I worked in Leisure Centres and fitness gyms for many years teaching a variety of classes.  My passion has always been to bring health and well-being to all in relaxed fun classes or one to ones.  I gained my BA Honours in Health Promotion and qualified as a teacher in 2005 (a very busy time!!) Whilst studying I worked in various settings for Myerscough College on their Mental Outreach Programme teaching exercise, diet and relaxation to people with physical and mental disabilities. I was also at this time a Lecturer at Preston College teaching Gym Instructor and Exercise to Music courses to students, a job I loved.  It is great to see the people I have taught now flourishing in the industry, a real buzz. I then moved onto teaching Health & Social Care, also brilliant to see my students who are now qualified nurses, midwives and social workers. My varied career paths then brought me to my most recent job which was as Training Manager for a large Care Home company. Although I loved this it did get in the way of my other passion which is to travel, travel and more travel.  My husband is retired and I initially took a 6 months sabbatical to go around Europe in our Campervan.  I have now decided 9-5 or in my case 9 to 10 pm is not for me. I updated my fitness qualifications with Pilates Level Three Diploma in teaching in 2018 and as I said I just love it!  Come and join me and the next part of my journey.    

Jenny Ward

Jenny Ward: Yogi, dog mamma, free spirit <3 2020 is my 10 year anniversary with yoga and what a decade it’s been! I found yoga when I bought my forever home and just happened to have seen a sign in the window of the community centre.  My first (and continued teacher) was Kirsty Gallagher and from that initial class, I have never looked back. I remember the feeling of leaving that first class and being like ‘wow, why haven’t I been doing this the whole time?!’ and just like that, my life changed.  I knew I belonged on a yoga mat and that my purpose was to practice and ultimately teach this ancient and yet so relevant way of life. Having been a teacher (in the traditional classroom sense ) for 13 years, I guess I always knew teaching was my calling and in 2013 I started teaching yoga to the students at the college where I worked.  I then enrolled on my first 200 hour teacher training course and qualified with the highest distinction.  I began teaching public classes in a school hall while I was training and before I knew it I was teaching all over the place!  I found myself at a crossroads after the loss of one of my parents 3 years ago.  At that point, I was still teaching A levels in the classroom as well as Yoga most evenings and weekends.  Something had to go and it was my job at the college.  And Jenny Ward Yoga full time was born! My practice of Yoga has seen me through the darkest times in my life and also the happiest. Yoga is far from just being an exercise class.  To me, Yoga is union, it is connection.  With yourself, and with something greater.  Yoga unites our bodies with our minds & hearts.  I remember my teacher saying to me once, ‘whatever the question, yoga is the answer’ and so far it’s proved to be true!  I’ve laughed on my mat, cried on my mat, fallen over on my mat and got strong on my mat (and not just physically!)  Yoga literally changed my life.  And I feel honoured & humbled every day that I get to share this beautiful practice with others.  What a privilege. I teach a range of Yoga classes, predominantly Flow (where we unite sequences of poses together through breath) and Yin (which is just my favourite thing in the entire world!)  I am happiest either when sharing yoga in a class or workshop or being out in nature (often making yoga shapes!) I am trained in Vinyassa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Yoga Nidra as well as Reiki.  I love to offer classes which are suitable & accessible for everybody as well as workshops and retreats.  Off the mat I’m a dog mamma who loves to be outdoors (preferably in the mountains somewhere!)

CHILDRENS YOGA (Charlotte Gibson)

Since becoming a mum 7 years ago to my beautiful daughter Ava, it has been my aim to take time out to care for myself and look after my mind and body through practicing yoga. I found Chakra and instantly fell in love with the feeling I got every time I walked through the door. I still get that same feeling today, except now I am part of the team here being able to teach my passion to children. My daughter attends my classes every week and she has grown from a very shy and timid little girl who was extremely nervous and had never attended a class before, to absolutely thriving in confidence. Yoga has many fantastic benefits for children. Improves balance and co-ordination, improves concentration, increases flexibility which helps strengthen the muscles, builds confidence and self esteem, relieves stress and anxiety, helps children build relationships,  calms the mind through breathing techniques and increases determination and perseverance. Our Mantra is simple, ‘I can do it”.  Teaching the children a growth mindset. I really encourage the children to believe in themselves and believe that with practice and determination they can improve at anything they set their minds to. My yoga classes are more than just about practicing yoga, they are about providing the children with coping mechanisms for challenging times they may face, through breathing techniques, concentration activities and mindfulness tasks which help to slow down the mind and simply focus on one task at a time. I provide a welcoming environment where the children are under no pressure at all. It is relaxed and calm with an element of fun through the use of props and games also. There is no competition or measure, it is more a journey for the children of seeing themselves grow and improve through yoga in their own time and at their own pace. I have completed the Yoga for Schools training in 2018 and have been teaching children’s yoga for 18 months in the community, as well as doing classes with children in schools as part of wellbeing weeks and also after school clubs.  I am currently also completing a course of training with Kumarah Yoga, which is The Ultimate Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Leadership Course to expand my knowledge.

PHYSIO led PILATES......Helen Gidlow

I am a Chartered Physiotherapist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, and an APPI Certified Matwork Pilates Instructor. I run small group Physio-led Pilates classes, tailored to the individual needs of the participants. Everyone who joins my classes first has a full one to one Physiotherapy Assessment to assess their level, requirements, goals and any health problems. Classes are suitable for all adult ages and can be adapted to all levels of fitness.   I graduated in Physiotherapy in 1994 and in 2005 completed  a Masters degree from Manchester University in Manual Therapy (Assessment and treatment of Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions). Over the years I have treated patients with a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions in Primary and Secondary Care and via self-referral. I have worked in a spinal orthopaedic clinic, hospital departments, a pain clinic, GP surgeries, health centres, patients’ homes and in private practice.   Throughout my career I have taken a “whole person” approach to health and wellbeing. From my experience as a Physiotherapist, I have seen the application of Pilates as a tool for health and rehabilitation, and the value of the support, motivation and enjoyment of exercising together.   I use a modified form of Pilates developed by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI). It is a movement re-education method where classical Pilates exercises are further broken down and modified as necessary for the client group. Clinical reasoning underpins the exercise selection.  The aim is to achieve mental awareness of successful, positive movement, free of pain and relevant to the load of the task. To this I bring many years of experience as a hands-on Physiotherapist.   Most of my clients have made Pilates a long-term feature of their lives, and I love the friendly supportive groups that I work with. It is wonderful to see people maintain and improve their health, recover from injuries or surgery and return to activities that are important to them.    

Tai Chi........ Angela Hobbs

I first encountered Tai chi over 35 years ago,  at a  local town festival where I was attracted to a group demonstrating the form. Drawn to the practice I sought out a public class where I began to develop my own practice.

In 2006 I began training with OCNW and completed the course in 2007 and qualified as a Certified Moving into the Light Facilitator in Tai Chi Short Form and Chi Kung.  I continued to study in order to deepen my knowledge and experiences through the years, qualifying in a range of complementary therapies. In June 2014 I completed my three year teacher training and energy facilitator course Certified Moving into the Light Tai Chi Long Form, Chi Kung and Energy Practitioner Training.

I have a true love of being outdoors and believe in the benefits of nature,  as such the Tai Chi I practice is based on the elements. It is soft and flowing, the gentle movement brings with it a subtle strength. Tai Chi works at many levels. It provides gentle physical exercise, improving coordination, balance and physical strength.

The practice of Tai chi is calming on the mind and the emotions eases stiff joints and lowers blood pressure. I would love for you to come and join me at Chakra Studios sometime soon.

Lucy Wheeldon

Baby yoga and massage... As a mum of twins I understand the challenges and joys are being a new parent. I trained in Baby Yoga in 2016 and more recently completed a Post Natal Depression Awareness Course I also understand the importance of finding somewhere to spend relaxing and sociable time with your baby without judgement, The environment at Chakra creates an instantly calming feel to your day, babies will cry and accidents will happen but as a group of mums you are all in this together. My classes are very friendly and we start each session with conversation so you can get to know one another. We end each session with a relaxation session with your baby. You don’t have to have practiced Yoga to enjoy Baby Yoga. It is about encouraging gentle stretches and exercises for baby, there are also some really beneficial stretches for mums, focusing on your post partum body that requires the care and attention during those first months.  

Sangat Prem Kaur (Wendy Eckhardt)

Having practised many varied forms of yoga,I found a yoga that I absolutely love.I discovered Kundalini yoga in Liverpool, and went on to learn to teach.I have qualified as a KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) certified Kundalini teacher with the renowned Amrit Nam Samovar International Yoga school, my training was in London and France. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient Science that was originally exclusive to the Indian Royal family, but then Yogi Bajan in the 1960's took this wonderful practise to California. I love teaching this dynamic blend of breath work,meditation and the exercise kryias :-working on strengthening the nervous system, balancing the glandular system and purifying the body alongside calming the mind.I learn something new with each practice , and all ages,levels and abilities can and should benefit from this ancient form .


I trained at Ballet Rambert 1998-1991 studying classical ballet and contemporary dance.After leaving I found a job fairly quickly in Amsterdam with contemporary dance company where I worked for about a year.On my return I then joined Union Dance Company in 1993 a well re-known contemporary dance Company which was culturally diverse, mixing contemporary dance, ballet, martial arts, hip hop and yoga. Over a 15 year period I worked with many choreographers including Doug Elkins from NewYork, Laurier Booth and Raphael Bonachela who is now Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company. We toured all if the UK and represented the British Council in Cuba, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Vienna and Sicily. I performed at larger venues like the Royal Opera House, Sadler's Wells and the Queen Elizabeth Hall. I've appeared on the BBC and Itv representing Union Dance as well as being in an advert for Baileys! I taught at the Brit School, all over the uk and abroad for schools, workshops for aspiring performers, adults and young children of all ages and abilities.Over the years I have acquired many skills and expertise in dance and yoga as well as many other forms of dance and movement. My teaching style is true to myself and what I love most, a blend of yoga, core strengthening and movement. My classes give you room to let you grow and become more confident. I support my students as individuals and become aware of their limits and their capabilities and encourage them to reach for them and beyond. First and foremost I love sharing my knowledge and giving my skills and expertise to other people an a warm and friendly environment.


I have been involved with oriental arts for thirty five years, starting with kung fu (Wing Chun), which I taught for a number of years. I came across Tai chi and it intrigued me, so when the opportunity arose, I began my formal studies with a local experienced practitioner during this time I also studied vipassana meditation and more contemporary methods of meditation. later I began to study chi kung methods under various teachers and I am a graduate of the British school of shiatsu Then in 1994 my journey took me to the door of Master Ding and was amazed by his skill and openness. I knew then what a genuine Tai chi Master was. I have been with him ever since. The Tai chi method he taught became clear to me. Master Ding, is a Yang lineage holder, 1st disciple of the late Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak, There are few Masters who can transmit the method like Master Ding and I feel privileged and fortunate to have trained under his guidance. I bring to my classes a wealth of understanding in oriental healing and exercise methods and believe in a more natural relaxed method to practice. In my classes on the last Sunday of every month you will be invited to explore and experience the profound duality of stillness and movement, incorporating balance, relaxation, power and strength that have attracted people to Tai chi in there million across the world.


I have a passion for well being and strive to facilitate others to pursue this same goal.Having achieved a degree in Human Movement I then completed an MSc in Occupational Health and Fitness, both of which 'healthy mind healthy body' have been at the forefront of my research and studies, ranging from physical concerns to the emotional and social reasons why people exercise.I qualified in Pilates at The Pilates Institute in London with Michael King in 2003 and have continued to update there throughout my Pilates career. I believe to evolve with integrity and competence as a valid Pilates instructor, it is essential to incorporate wider knowledge and experience, from which I have accumulated throughout my 32 years in the fitness industry. My experience has been sought working far afield: California, Australia, Pensylvania, France and Malaysia, to closer at hand in the local area. I worked at Virgin gym for a 7 year period teaching Pilates and at various other gyms as well as private venues ,working with 1-1 clients on individual programs and in class settings. Pilates is an intensive mix of strength and precision benefiting 'fit' sports addicts to those wanting to move their bodies through exercise as complete beginners.It proves to be a valuable discipline to care for and manage various physical problems ranging from back,neck,shoulder related issues -to functional movement debilitating conditions such as M.S., and due to its smooth controlled movements has great relaxation potential. Pilates lessons are calm and focused and suitable for all ages and all bodies.

Class Descriptions


An exercise method to realign, tone, strengthen and mobilise the body.

Yoga Flow:

Upbeat and continually flowing based on how the movement feels for you.

Yoga For Sport:

To enhance sports performance and re-mobilise injured or stiff joints. Particularly recommended for MEN.

Iyengar Yoga:

A taught and structured yoga technique, using a variety of equipment with definite, detailed poses.

Hatha Yoga:

Composed yoga suitable for ALL ages and abilities.

Yin Yoga:

Relaxing plus challenging floor based yoga, in which each simple position is held between 4-8 minutes to stretch and lengthen muscles.

Tai Chi:

Gentle movement that would appear to replicate martial arts, yet peace and harmony dictate this discipline.


A verbally guided mindful practice achieving a state of relaxation.

Kundalini Yoga:

A dynamic blend of postures,breathing,mantra,music and meditation in equal measures cultivating balance of both body and mind.

Ashtanga yoga:

A yoga practise usually consisting of a series of set poses, involving breathe work,patience and precision.

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